Ministers of Hospitality/Ushers

The ministry of hospitality belongs to all of us as baptized Catholics gathered in the Lord’s name. It is the call of the “person in the pew” to be the face of Christ: to be friendly, to take the time to welcome the stranger, to identify who they are, to move over in the pew or to share a hymnal if necessary. All of these attributes add to the sense of belonging to the community, and more importantly, to being a member of the body of Christ. While we all share in the responsibility of welcoming, we still need specific people to be our “friendly face at the door.”

Our ministers provide many services during the course of the Mass. First, they arrive early so people may be welcomed with a smile and/or handshake. They help those gathering to find a pew or place to sit, as needed. Later in the Mass, they facilitate the collecting of the offering, and bring it to the altar. During the Mass, they are aware of any special needs people may have. Finally, at the end of Mass, they distribute the bulletin and wish people well on their way.

What are the requirements of being a Minister of Hospitality/Usher?
This ministry works best for people who are prompt, outgoing, and genuinely care about the needs of the people of God. St. Aloysius offers training sessions for ministers once a year, and questions/concerns can always be addressed to a member of the staff.

Contact: Doug Hosea, 301-904-3903 or Alternate Email