St. Aloysius Respect Life Ministry in Action! And we need your help…

February 14th, 2016  |  Published in News

IMG_3160Teresa Leard attended lobby night on Tuesday Feb 9. She met with Steve Waugh, our senator, and Deb Ray, the delegate from 29B. Matt Morgan, our delegate (29A), was not available.
Archbishop Lori gave a wonderful address.

According to our representatives, passage of the physician assisted suicide bill is 50/50. Delegate Ray is on the House Judiciary Proceedings committee which will hold the hearing on Friday, Feb 19 at 1:30. People who would like to testify can go online and cue up, no later than noon that Friday. Delegate Ray stressed the need for people to come and testify. She and our representatives are firmly against it. She plans to write a letter, and request permission to address parishioners this weekend at her parish. Mr. Waugh suggests people contact other senate representatives on the committee to vote against it. The republicans on the senate committee are Justin Ready (R-5), Michael Hough (R-4), Wayne Norman (R-35) and Robert Cassily (R-34); he notes that Democrat Anthony Muse (D-26) may not be in favor and has not committed.

This link can be used to find contact information for members of the general assembly:

It would be wishful thinking if this bill would not get out of these committees for a vote. In the past, it has not. NO CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE TO THIS BILL. THERE IS NO WAY TO IMPROVE THE BILL.

Please do what you can to contact groups and individuals, friends and relatives, to contact their representative and voice opposition. We are thankful for our church, Mary Ellen Russell and the Maryland Catholic Conference, Archbishop Lori and the other bishops and priests, and for all the faithful who are so dedicated to defending and promoting a culture of life.

MCC states that the following committees and their members should be contacted:
Senate Judicial Proceedings:
House Judicial Proceedings :