Ladies of Charity

The Ladies of Charity, was the first foundation established by St. Vincent de Paul in in a parish in Chatillion-les-Dombres, Lyons, France in 1617. It is the oldest religiously oriented volunteer group in existence. The first Ladies of Charity in the United States was founded St. Louis, Missouri in 1857.

The purpose of the Ladies of Charity is to imitate the Lord in service to those in need, both spiritually and materially, in a spirit of the three principle virtues of the association: humility, simplicity and charity. Service to the poor, children, the disabled, the elderly, the ill, and the lonely has always been a part of the life and activity of the Ladies of Charity.The organization also strives to help other charitable organizations, promote the social teaching of the Church and promote the spiritual growth of its members.

At St. Aloysius the Ladies of Charity is composed of dedicated women who serve the church and the Body of Christ in several ways. Cards are sent to the sick of the parish and to members of the community who have lost loved ones through death. Gifts are given to the newly baptized and birthday parties are held monthly at St. Mary’s Nursing Center in Leonardtown for the residents. The Ladies also host parish receptions following the Easter Vigil, First Communion and Confirmation celebrations. The society also supports local organizations like Birth Right of St. Mary’s County, the Shoe Fund, St. Mary’s Hospice and Health Share.

For more information, please contact: Marion McAloon 301-475-3861