Christmas Dinner

To feed the hungry is one of the corporal works of mercy entrusted to us by the Lord. This act of charity is to be practiced at all times of the year, but in a particular way during the season of the Lord’s birth.

St. Aloysius’ Christmas Dinner is sponsored on Christmas Day by the St. Vincent de Paul Society and is held in the gym at Father Andrew White School. A full meal of turkey and all the fixings is prepared for needy individuals to eat with others in the gym or the meals can be delivered to the homebound of the community. As the coordinator of the dinner has said, “If you put the food out, they will come.” Last Christmas 287 members of the community came or were taken meals.

Volunteers are always needed to help cook, set-up, decorate, sit with and talk with our guests and to clean up.

For more information please contact the parish office to speak with the Christmas Dinner’s coordinator, Regina Goldring at 301-475-2350.