Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation fosters an environment to grow consciously in the life of Christ through our study, prayer, reflection and life experiences.  Our program of faith formation includes:

–  Studying the Scriptures with group reflection and prayer

–  Reaching out to inquirers to our faith and inactive Catholics

–  Welcoming women and men into full-membership in the Catholic Church

–  Sponsoring parish retreats

Contact: Leonard Wathen 301-475-8064 ext. 16

Free Adult Faith Formation Downloads

Understanding the Papacy

What is the role of the pope in the Catholic Church? How can Catholic beliefs about the office of the papacy be explained and defended? Where is the pope in the Bible?  Download notes here
“By Grace You Have Been Saved”: Faith and Works
Do Catholics believe that you can earn your salvation? Is salvation by faith alone or by faith and works? Download notes here
“Hold Fast to the Word”: Scripture and Tradition
Is Scripture the sole spiritual authority for Christians? What do catholics mean by “Sacred Tradition”? Download notes here
“We will be Caught Up Together”: The Rapture
Do Catholics believe in the rapture? Will believers be caught up into heaven before a great tribulation at the end of time? Download notes here
“One Mediator”: The Intercession of the Saints
What is the role of the saints in the Catholic Faith? If Jesus is the one mediator between God and humanity, why do Catholics seek the intercession of the saints in heaven? Download notes here
“Participation in the Body of Christ”: The Eucharist
Is the Eucharist a symbol of Christ, or is it really the body of Christ? Why do Catholics call the Eucharist a “sacrifice”? Why is this celebration so important for the Church? Download notes here
The Virgin Mary: What Catholics Believe and Why
The Catholic Church’s teachings about Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, remain a significant source of confusion and dispute among non-Catholic Christians. What does the Catholic Church teach about the Virgin Mary, and why? Download Powerpoint Slideshow here
Contraception & the Catholic Church
Perhaps no moral teaching of the Catholic Church is as misunderstood or ignored as its teaching on contraception.  Drawing from Scripture, Tradition, science, and common sense, this presentation explains what the Church teaches and why.  Download Powerpoint Slideshow here
Praying with the Wisdom of the Saints
What can we learn today from the great saints of the past, such as St. Augustine, St. Teresa of Avila, and St. John of the Cross? In this presentation by Leonard Wathen, you’ll learn about the three basic stages that we progress through in our relationship with God, as outlined by many of the great Christians of the past.
The Heart of the Catholic Faith
If someone asked you to explain what it means to be Catholic, how would you answer? Could you summarize the Catholic Faith in ten words or less? With all of it’s doctrines, rules and rituals, Catholicism can seem pretty complicated, but every aspect of the faith is built on one simple truth. Discover that truth in this presentation.
Vatican II: 50 Years Later
Fifty years, ago, Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council, which has dramatically shaped the Church. Join Leonard Wathen in this presentation to recap what has changed in the Church in the last 50 years and, more importantly, the mission of the
Church that remains unchanged.