Reading for 3 Oct 2013

October 2nd, 2013  |  Published in Deacon Andy's Blog

Tubing Luray, VAOct 3 Readings: NEH 8:1-12 and Luke 10:1-12

In today’s gospel we see Jesus sending out 72 disciples to go ahead of him to various town and villages. It is interesting to me that Jesus did not send out the 12 apostles. He needed more the just the original clergy. The laity has had a role in growing the church since its very beginning. And the role of the laity has not diminished. The clergy alone cannot be the only evangelizers for the church. Jesus gave the 72 some specific directions on what to do. Our small group programs like Why Catholic, Disciples with a Mission, and bible study and prayer groups also provide today’s laity with some instruction on how to evangelize.

Falling into the “some things never change” category, Jesus also tells them “I am sending you like lambs among wolves.” Don’t we often feel like lambs among wolves when we leave the friendly confines of the parish and face the rest of the world? Our challenge is to send out His peace to the household, or work place, or event that we attend. We may not be doing it with words, but to be Christians we must show His peace in our public actions.

The laity has also has an important and active role in liturgy. Liturgy is a Greek composite word (leitourgia) meaning originally a public duty, a service to the state undertaken by a citizen. In order for us as a community to have good liturgy both the clergy and the laity must do their parts well. The laity helps to make good liturgy when we proclaim our responses and prayers loud, strong and with conviction, when we sing out loud (even if you think your voice is not the best) instead of just listening to the choir.

Often, we hear the complaint “I don’t get anything out of Mass.” If someone is not getting anything out of Mass I wonder how much they are putting into Mass. Are they listening when they hear? Are they thinking about the meaning of what they say in responses and prayers? Are they taking an active role in participating, and helping to make “good liturgy”?

Be not afraid! Be not afraid to play your part in making the Church better by welcoming people and participating.