Marian Prayer Garden: Week 1 Progress

September 8th, 2010  |  Published in News, News Archive

Friday, September 3rd

Work started on Friday afternoon about 4 pm removing the three Crape Myrtle trees, cutting off the tops, sectioning them into pieces and placing them into a dump truck on loan from Mr. Randy Guy. The stumps were left to be removed on Saturday. Work on the three trees was completed in approximately 3 hours by 6 people.

Saturday, September 4th

On Saturday work began our workday at 8 am by removing the existing sod and the tree stumps, excavating the dirt in the walkways and patio area, setting in half of the barrier edging, and applying/tamping the first layer in the crushed rock. Work was completed by 5:30 pm by 8 people throughout the day.

Sunday, September 5th

On Sunday work began our day at 12pm by finishing the extra layers of crushed rock, applying the remaining barrier edging, and laying in some of the screeding sand. Work was completed by 5:30 pm by 7 people throughout the afternoon.

Monday, September 6th

On Monday work began at 8 am by laying the remaining sand, screeding the sand and laying the walkway and patio pavers. Work was completed by 5:30 pm by 10 people throughout the day.