Disciples with a Mission Small Group Study

August 16th, 2013  |  Published in News

We’ve all heard that we are called to evangelize, but very few of us as Catholics seem to feel comfortable doing so. Some of us are afraid of being too pushy or offending others and want a better understanding of why we are called to evangelize. Some of us want to be a part of the Church’s mission, but simply don’t know where to begin.

But all of you have relatives who have left the Catholic Church, and perhaps you’ve wondered what you could do help them rediscover their faith. Most of you have coworkers, neighbors, and friends who don’t go to Church at all, and perhaps you’ve wondered if you might be able to help them make our parish their own.

The goal of Disciples with a Mission is to help each of us become more intentional followers of Jesus Christ and to equip us with simple, practical tools and techniques for sharing His truth with others. In each of the five weeks, we will watch and discuss a short video presentation by our Director of Religious Education Leonard Wathen, so that we can become more confident disciples of Jesus Christ, who are prepared to invite others to faith.

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