Are you a good shepherd?

December 9th, 2013  |  Published in Deacon Andy's Blog

good.shepherd1Today’s readings are IS 40:1-11 and MT 18:12-14


In both readings today the imagery of a shepherd and lambs is used.  This image would have been one that the Old Testament Jews in Isaiah’s time and Jesus’ time would have been very familiar with.  The title of The Good Shepherd is used with Jesus indicating the dependence believers have on him as he protects, tends and guides those whom he knows intimately.  As demonstrated in today’s gospel the Good Shepard cares so much for each member of His flock, that He will not lose one of them.  In fact if one wonders away and strays from the flock, He goes out and finds stray and rejoices over finding the wayward member of the flock.


As we prepare for Christmas let’s not forget to take a few minutes and “return to the flock” through the sacrament of Reconciliation.  But in addition to coming back ourselves; are we imitating Jesus and being a good shepherd?  Are we reaching out to those who have wondered away and inviting them back to the Church?  My wife takes her role in evangelization seriously, looking to inspire other members of our family to return to the Church.  She has inspired me to get over my fear of being thought of as the overbearing religious fanatic and I have begun new again to reach out to our family as well.


So I ask you to be a good shepherd too.  It is so easy to stray away, but just think of the rejoicing that will occur when our efforts are successful and someone returns to the flock!