We at St. Aloysius warmly welcome all who seek to make our parish their parish. It is our hope and desire that every individual and/or every family who register take an active role in the life of the parish. Therefore we ask those who wish to register to not only complete a parish registration form (which can be downloaded from this site or found in the vestibule of the church), but also to prayerfully consider the following as they become a part of St. Aloysius:

1. to regularly worship with us every Sunday

2. to accept the 3 tenets of stewardship as a way of life:

– time (growing spiritually through prayer and scripture)

– talent (discerning my God-given abilities and using them for the good of the parish and community as a whole)

– treasure (contributing a sacrificial portion of my income to support St. Aloysius and other charitable causes)

3. to witness to the Gospel by the example of their daily life and to invite others to share in the Good News that you have come to know as a disciple of Jesus Christ

4. to participate fully and actively in the life of St. Aloysius Church

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